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WFOE Registered Address in China


What is the benefit to use WFOE Registered address ?

Avoid paying high physical office rental fee.

No Chinese Local staff Required.

Safety Guaranteed.

Easy Maintainance annually.

Accepted to issue Chinese VAT Invoice.

Why use our WFOE registered Address ?

We have 8 years experience in this industry, understand local Government policy and we are able to handle all kind of issues.

Are all business industries suitable for using the WFOE registered address ?

Not all industries, those industry such as , manufacturing WFOE, some of food and beverage WFOE, are not allowed to use registered address.

How can I understand my industry is suitable for using the registered address ?

The WFOE registered address applys for most of industry, such as services high-tech WFOE, trading WFOE, etc, and it works.

Can I work in the  WFOE registered address ?

No, it is just a registered address.

How can I understand the WFOE registered address is in the local government whitelist ?

We have been maintained good relationship with local government and people to support your business.

We guaranteed that the local government (Tax administration, SAIC) recognize it.

How many different types of WFOE registered address available?

we offer two different WFOE registered addresses, one is for general value-added taxpayer uses, another is for small-scale taxpayer uses.

In Which cities of Mainland China we can provide WFOE Registered Address?

currently, we provide address services in Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Foshan,Shanghai

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