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Shenzhen Qianhai Company Registration


Why Set Up Company in Shenzhen Qianhai Free Trade Zone

China Free Trade Zone-Shenzhen Qianhai Company Formation-SINOINCORP

Legal and policy Advantages

Support Qianhai to create a legal environment suitable for the opening up of the service industry. There are two articles:

1. To explore the establishment of branch offices in Qianhai by arbitration institutions in Hong Kong;
2. To explore and improve the joint venture between the Mainland and Hong Kong law firms and deepen the implementation of various liberalization measures for Hong Kong under the CEPA framework.

Tax Advantage

For the foreigners who meet the requirements of the Qianhai planning industry and urgently-needed professionals, the tax temporarily granted by the Shenzhen Municipal Government in accordance with the tax provisions of the Mainland and overseas individuals, The amount of subsidies granted, exempt from personal income tax.

For the modern logistics enterprises registered in Qianhai that meet the prescribed conditions, the pilot logistics enterprises enjoy the business tax levied according to the difference.

Corporate tax of 15% levied on the enterprises in Qianhai that meet the industrial access catalogs and preferential catalogs, while 25% applied generally.

Talent Police Advantage

Facilitate the employment, living and immigration of foreigners, overseas Chinese and returnees in Qianhai.

To allow professionals who have acquired the qualification to practice in Hong Kong to provide professional services directly to businesses and residents in Qianhai, services shall be within Qinhai Shenzhen.

To allow Hong Kong professionals who have obtained the qualification as certified public accountants in China to be the partners of the Mainland accounting firms.

Educational medical Advantage

Support Qianhai's pilot cooperation in education and medical care between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. There are two articles:

1. To allow Hong Kong service providers to set up wholly-owned international schools in Qianhai, whose scope of enrollment can be extended to overseas Chinese and return talents’children;

2. To allow service industry providers in Hong Kong to set up wholly-owned hospitals in Qianhai.

Telecom Advantage

Shenzhen Qianhai-China Free Trade Zone

Strengthen the telecommunications industry cooperation, there are three:

To support Hong Kong and Macau telecom operators to establish joint ventures in Qianhai to operate telecom businesses;
Encourage innovation of telecom operation and management mode and support local telecom companies to formulate preferential telecom tariff plans according to the actual situation of Qianhai;
Support the construction of Qianhai international communications dedicated channel to meet the Qianhai business needs of international communications services.

Shenzhen Qianhai SZ-HK modern service industry cooperation zone industrial access directory


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