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Representative Office registration in China


Representative Office Registration in China

Representative Office, RO Registration in China

Representative offices usually play a role in behalf of the parent company in related business contacts, guest reception, strengthen the parent company and local businesses, government relations, and cooperation, on behalf of the parent company to deal with some of the local issues. A foreign-funded or Foreign Representative Office in China is not an independent legal entity, so it can not conduct direct profit-making commercial activities.

Feature of Representative office in China

No Registered Capital

No Legal Personality

Disadvantage of Representative office in China

No Business Activity Allowed In China

No Allowed to hire Local staff in China

No Allowed to Invoicing, remit and receive payment for business purpose

Name of Representative office in China

Country name + the parent company name + City name of China + Representative office

Recruitment of Representative Office in China

It must entrust a foreign service agency to recruit the staff, and shall not, without permission or entrusting other units or individuals, to recruit Chinese employees.

How to Set Up A Representative Office and Start Your Business in China?

Documents required:

the parent company incorporation certificate certified by China Embassy or Consulate of China, and the parent company shall be registered more than 2 years

The appointment letter

The appointment letter should be written briefly and clearly, It shall be signed by the person in charge, the general manager of a foreign enterprise.,and certified by Embassy or Consulate of China


CV shall include name, date of birth, nationality, marital status and so on. It must have all work experience and highest education level.Documents required for Representative Office Registration in China

Office Lease contract, property certificate copy provided by landlord

Bank reference letter of a foreign company
This letter shows that the company has a bank account and maintains it well, with good balance, having no debts., The letter shall be translated into English, notarized, certified by the foreign ministry of the country where the company is located and then certified by China Consulate in that foreign country.
For Hong Kong company, it shall be notarized by a law firm in Hong Kong and certified by China Legal Service (HK) Ltd.

Registration Procedure:

Registration Procedure of Representative Office in China

Name approval

Apply for Registration certificate from SAIC

Company stamp and registered in Police Security Bureau

Open Bank Basic Account

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