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Notarization of Hong Kong Company Documents


Notarization of Hong Kong Company Documents

Document issued in Hong Kong for use in Mainland China must be certified and sealed by China-appointed Attesting Officer and then present to the China Legal Service (HK) Limited for authentication ,registration and transmission. Otherwise, the notarization documents would not be recognized by Mainland China related Authority

In what circustances the notarization of Hong Kong company docuemnt required ?

To establish WFOE in China

To establish Representative office in China

To establish JV in China

To define "Hong Kong Service Provider"

To deal with others under the CEPA

Why we should notarize Hong Kong company in order to set up Mainland China Company ?

According to China foreign investment Law, oversea investor(mother company) shall be notarized and certified by local Embassy of China before setting up WFOE in China.

For Which kind of foreign investor shall be subject to notarization ?

generally speaking, for corporate investor from Hong Kong , Macau, Taiwan, and oversea company , before set up WFOE in China.

How to understand Notarization of Hong Kong Company is accurate ?

The notarization shall point out the purpose and the specified cities of Mianland China in which the WFOE will be incorporated

The notarization of Hong Kong Company Documents shall be translated into Chinese language

What document required for issuing notarization of Hong Kong Company documents?

Latest Business Registration certificate (BR)

Certficate of Incorporation (CI)

NNC1 (for Hong Kong Company established within one year)

NAR1 (for Hong Kong Company established more than one year)

Other document(NR1,ND2A) if shareholder, director,or company secretary address of Hong Kong company has been changed.

How long it takes to get the notarization done?

it normally takes 4 working days.

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Notarization of Hong Kong Company for purpose of setting up WFOE in Mainland China.

Notarization of Hong Kong company document for purpose of setting up representative office in Mainland China.

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