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HSBC Hong Kong Bank Account


HSBC Bank Account Opening, HSBC Business Banking


HSBC Bank Account Opening, HSBC Business Banking

HSBC,founded in 1865, is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations. HSBC provide services for 38 million customers from all over the world. It is an world’s leading international bank.

HSBC Commercial Banking services in 54 countries and regions, in especial the customers from small enterprises to large multinationals in Asia and the West. Through the professional teams of relationship managers and the Group’s financial strength to support customers with capital, loans, acquisition or project finance, and raise money from the stock and bond markets.

HSBC Account Opening

If you want to Open an Account of HSBC, you need to prepare the materials below:

China Company Business License

Company chop, Finance chop, Legal representative chop

Passport of legal representative

The Account Opening Application Form(If necessary)

Letter of Authorization

What can SINOINCORP help?

Appointment of banker and opening bank account

Document Review

Guarantee Account Opened

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