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How to Set Up a WFOE in China


How to Set Up a WFOE in China

WFOE Registration

WFOE Registration,China Company Registration

Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) is one of ways for foreign investors entering China market. It is a limited liability company with a wider business scope compared to a Representative Office (RO).

For the purpose of set up a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) (excluding restricted or prohibited industries approval by corresponding government bodies) in China, it is required to go through various approval procedures by the local subordinate of the Ministry of Commerce, administration of Industry and Commerce to obtain a business license. WFOE will be legally formed after it obtained its business license.


SINOINCORP will then assist you concerning WFOE Registration through the following procedures and services:

-Application of reservation of desired company name in Chinese and English in China;

-Preparation of Article of Association, Feasibility Study, Shareholders’ agreement, and other necessary documents for the application of pre-approval of the investment by the local subordinate unit of the Ministry of Commerce;

-Application with the responsible Administration of Industry and Commerce for obtaining the original business license with nil capital injected, it takes about 20 days to get the business license.

Documents Required

1. One certificate of incorporation , with investor's full name , registered address, name of legal representative, certified by Embassy of China or consulate of China. for individual investor, one passport copy certified by Embassy of China or Consulate of China in investor's registered country or district.

2. Passport scan copy of Executive Director, Manager, Supervisor, and Legal Representative. Legal Representative is the one and the only one who own the authorization of signature on behalf of WFOE in China.

Documents Required for China WFOE Registration

3. Registration capital, Business Scope, 3 Chinese name of Chinese company

4. Office lease contract ,copy of office property certificate

5. Letter of Authorization

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