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France Company Registry


France Company Registry

What are the advantages of Registering A Company in France?

1.France is one of the most developed countries in the world, with strong trade and manufacturing strength, and is a market economy country that implements a free trade policy;

2.France's perfume, cosmetics, fashion, high-end consumer goods brands have a good reputation in the world. France is the largest exporter of high-end consumer goods, with excellent investment value of the origin culture and high value-added of the brand.

3.The integrity and reputation of French companies and the French people in the international community are recognized worldwide.

About SARL and EURL for France Company Registry:

1.SARL means "Limited Liability Company", short for the“Société Anonyme à Responsabilité Limitée”.

2.EURL is the meaning of “Single Shareholder Limited Liability Company”, short for the“Entreprise Unipersonnelle à Responsabilité Limitée” .

The process and time of Setting Up A Company in France:

Check the company name( two or more)→Provide company business scope→Provide directors and shareholders’ ID card information and passports→Sign the entrustment agreement→Prepare the registration form→Complete Company Formation France

About the Company Registration in France

Company Overview



Company Information


Type of company

Limited company/Liability company

Offshore Tax

Pay taxes as required

Company file language


Registration Requirements

Local registered address


Local director


Local company secretary


Registered capital


Legal capital

7500-8000 Euros

Registration Information


One or above


One or above

Corporate body




Proof of address


Annual Inspection

Annual report




After France Company Registry, you can get the following documents:

1.K-BIS company registration certificate;

2.Company policy;

3.Company shareholder meeting record book;

4.The official seal of the board of directors, the financial chapter, and the official seal of the legal person.

Sinoincorp Services:

1.Quick France Company Registry Services

2.Agency for Offshore Company Formation

3.Accounting services for offshore company

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