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1. How do I set up a company in Guangzhou or Shenzhen?

Prepare the shareholder certificates. Confirmation of the business scope, a company name in Chinese, registration capital, the legal person, manager, director, supervisor and office address. Then make the application. SINOINCORP can help you perform the application efficiently.

2. Which kind of Chinese company is best for a trading company?

A limited company, such as a WFOE.

3. What is a WFOE?

Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise. It is a limited liability company wholly owned by the foreign investor(s).

4. What is a representative office?

A branch office in China. It can conduct business support tasks, but cannot receive payments from clients.  


1. How do I set up a HK company?

Prepare the documentation of Hong Kong company formation, copy of ID/passport of director and shareholder, residential address, company name, and registered capital. SINOINCORP can help you perform the application efficiently.

2. How long does it take to register a company in Hong Kong?

Normal : 6 Working Days    Urgency : 24 Hours

3. What document will I get when incorporation finished?

Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration, NNC1, Incorporation Form, Memorandam and Article of Association, Company Signature Stamp, Company Circle Stamp, Steel Stamp.

4. How much registered capital do I need for an HK company?

10,000HKD as standard


1. What is Value-added Tax?

Value-added tax is a kind of turnover tax levied on the basis of the added value generated from the circulation of goods (including taxable services).

2. What is Corporate Tax?

Corporate income tax refers to an income tax levied on the taxable income of the enterprises (resident enterprises and non-resident enterprises) and other revenue-producing organizations in China. The Rate is 25%.

3. What is Additional Tax?

Additional tax, such as City construction Tax, Education additional tax, local education additional tax. Tax Rate 3% times VAT.

4. What do we do regarding bookkeeping?

a. Tax Reporting, Ratify Tax type

b. Tax Real Name Registration

c. Tax ETS Agreement Signing

d. Review the original Vouchers

e. Fill in accounting vouchers

f. Issue financial and accounting reports

g. Submit tax document to tax authorities




1. Can you introduce some banks for me?

Yes. DBS Bank (HK), HAND SENG BANK, China ABC Bank, HSBC, ICBC Asia, DahSingBank, etc.

2. How do I open a Chinese / HK corporate account?

Go to the bank directly with company and investor information.

3. Which document is needed to open a corporate account?

Company registration documents and the directors' passport.


1. What document is needed to apply for Z visa to China?

Education certificate, non criminal certificate, medical report, company license, white background photo, police temporary residence registration form, office lease agreement record certificate.

2. Which type of Chinese Company is qualified to recruit foreigner?

The company is in normal status. The company has paid corporate income tax or VAT and its employee social insurance.

3. Which document is needed to apply for a M (business) visa to China?

Invitation letter, company documents, passport and visa application form.

4. What is a temporary residence permit?

It is pasted into your passport exactly like a visa. It permits you unlimited exit and entry during its validity.

5. What is a Z / F / M visa in China?

Z: For those who intend to work in China.

F: For those who intend to go to China for exchanges, visits, study tours and other activities.

M: For those who intend to go to China for commercial and trade activities.


1. How do I register a trademark in China?

Design the logo first. It is a long and complex process. SINOINCORP will save you a lot of time and work.

2. Which document is needed to register a trademark?

Chinese Company: business license copy, Logo, Scope of business

Hong Kong Company: the business registration certificate, Logo, Scope of business

Foreign company: Company registration certificate; Logo, Scope of business

3. How long is to process a trademark registration?

China:12-18 months; HK:6-8 months

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