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Export Tax Refund Registration Service

March 26,2018.

China Export Tax Refund Services

China Export Tax Refund Services

China Export Tax Refund (also refer to Export Export Rebate or Export Tax Exemption in China) is the refund of export products, domestic production and circulation in the actual payment of the value added tax and special consumption tax. There are 5 types VAT export tax refund rate 17%, 13%, 11%, 8% and 5%, the average export tax refund rate is about 12%.

Two Methods for Implementing Export Tax Refund

There’re Two Methods for Implementing Export Tax Refund, but both methods are only available to General Tax Payers in China, no credit and refund available to the small-scale taxpayers, because exports goods have always under the scope of VAT.

Exemption, credit, and refund method:

This method apply to the goods that are exported by manufactory either directly or on consignment. The output VAT are exempt or credit the tax by input VAT against the output VAT or refund the excess amount tax after offsetting the input VAT against the VAT payable

Exemption and refund method:

This method is applied to the enterprises which no manufacturing capabilities, their output VAT of the exported goods is exempted, and certain portion of input VAT is refundable to the enterprise rather than creditable.

The VAT Exemption and Refund Process of Exported Goods and Services might be elaborated in the follow six steps:

Record and recognition VAT exemption and refund items;Steps of Export Tax Rebate Services

Tax Declaration for VAT Exemption and Refund Items;

Pre-approval by the tax bureau and problem-solving based on feedback from tax bureau;

Recording VAT Exemption and Refund Filing to the Tax Bureau;

Paper and electronic data submit to the tax bureau for final approval.

Received the VAT exemption and refund tax

Before any substantial Export Tax Refund application activities, you are required to register your company as an export tax refund eligible company in tax authorities’ database and fix your export tax refund calculation method. SINOINCORP will assist you to do the following:

China Export Tax Refund Services -SINOINCORP

-Collection and preparation of various documentations for the registration, including Business License, customs registration, Import and Export Right certificate, standard registration form and other necessary materials;

-Submission to your responsible tax authority for registration and keep in touch with them to facilitate the registration process; and

-Obtain the registration document and confirm your calculation method.

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