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Entry to Aliexpress

August 28,2018.

Open Online Shop in Aliexpress

What is AliExpress?

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AliExpress is the World's Third Largest Online Shopping Site in English and is the Online Ecommmerce Platform of the Alibaba Group for global market. Chinese suppliers and overseas buyers get secured transactions via Alipay's international accounts and international express delivery ship. AliExpress is a Foreign Trade Online Ecommmerce platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to contact wholesalers and retailers, sell more batches in small quantities quickly, and integrate orders, payment and logistics.

Why choose AliExpress?

Why choose AliExpress?

AliExpress has covered buyers in more than 220 countries and regions, covering apparel, 3C, home furnishing, accessories and so on. The overseas buyer traffic exceeds 50 million / day and the annual turnover has continued to exceed 400%.

The main advantages of the industry in AliExpress are: clothing apparel, mobile communications, shoe bags, beauty health, jewelry watches, consumer electronics, computer networks, home, car and motorcycle parts, lamps and so on.

How to settled in AliExpress?

Shop Qualification
Brand Qualification for Different Stores
Qualification of Opening Online Store in Alipress

1.Register a business Alipay account, and complete the business certification with the account in AliExpress. (Notice: Individual Business can not be settled in AliExpress)

2.Must own or act as a brand manager

3.Pay the annual fee for technical services. high-quality shops can enjoy the “annual fee returned”reward.

Official shop: Merchant own brand (R Mark), the exclusive right of the owner authorization

Store: merchant's own brand (R mark or TM mark), or brand authorization document

Franchise stores: operating more than one or own brand (R mark or TM mark)

Shop Flow

Shop Flow of Opening Online Store in AliExpress

1. Open account by business identity

2. Submit the product list, category qualification, trademark qualification

3. Pay the annual fee

4. Perfect store information

5. Shop management

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