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Dongguan Company Registration


Dongguan Company Registration

Dongguan New Company Formation

Introduction of Dongguan

Dongguan is one of the five prefecture-level cities without districts. It is located to the southeast of Guangzhou, to the north of Shenzhen, and on the east coast of the Pearl River.

It has been selected as International Garden City and National Civilized City.

Having a history of more than 1700 years, it is an important source of Lingnan civilization. It also played an important role at the beginning of the modern history of China, and went ahead in carrying out the reform and opening-up policy.

Dongguan is an important transportation hub and foreign trade port of Guangdong province because of the favorable geographical location.

In recent years, the economic development has also been largely affected by Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. It has taken fully advantage of the industrial transfer of the three districts, and has undertaken international industrial transfer in a large scale. Dongguan’s economic development also goes ahead among other cities in Guangodng.

Benefits of Dongguan Company Formation

Benefits of Dongguan Company Formation

Well-developed foreign trade port

Benefits of Dongguan Company Formation

Favorable location

Benefits of Dongguan Company Formation

Promising business market

Materials needed to New Company Formation in Dongguan

  • Shareholder document: Passport, Business License certificate in Hong Kong or Oversea Country.
  • Confirmation of the business scope of the Company
  • A Company name in Chinese
  • Confirmation of the Registration Capital
  • Confirmation of the legal person, manager, director, supervisor

SINOINCORP Services include

  • Legal Advice of Dongguan Company Registration
  • Office Recommendation
  • Dongguan Company Registration
  • Dongguan Residence Visa and work permit application
  • Dongguan Company Accounting and Auditing
  • Dongguan Company Bank Account Opening

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