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China WFOE Liquidation


China WFOE Liquidation

When you decide to close WFOE in China, Remember to do legal liquidation , otherwise, the Legal representative and Financial persons will be in the black list, he or she might not be able to take train, airplane, even to travel aboard.

We SINOINCORP ,are ready to provide the whole procedure of WFOE liquidation efficiently

The procedure of WFOE liquidation in China.

  • Liquidation Registration.
  • Publish in the local newspaper
  • Cancellation of Approval of WFOE
  • Cancellation of Registration in State Administration of Taxation (SAT)
  • Cancellation of Registration in Local Taxation Bureau
  • Cancellation of Certificate of China Custom(apply for China Import and Export WFOE)
  • Cancellation of certificate of China foreign exchange registration (apply for China Import and Export WFOE)
  • Cancellation of Registration in Industrial and Commercial Administration
  • Cancellation of Food and Beverage Business Certificate (apply for Food & Beverage WFOE)
  • Cancellation of Organization code of China WFOE
  • Cancellation of China WFOE Bank Account
  • Cancellation of China WFOE seal

Timeframe of WFOE Liquidation:

6 to 8 months

Our Service feature:

Professionalism: with top accountant team, we assure your WFOE liquidation in well-organized procedure.

Quick: step by step, with team work, never delay your work.

Convenience: save a lot of your precious time.

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