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How to Register Trademark in China

Trademark Registration Services in China

Trademark Registration in China

There are 45 categories of international classification of goods and services for trademark registration, which are divided into 34 categories of goods and 11 categories of services.Register Trademark in China

Individuals, company or other organisations in the production and business activities need to obtain the exclusive right to use trademark, should apply for Trademark Registration.

Documents required for Registration Trademark in China

1. Each Trademark Registration application should be submitted to the Trademark Office.

2. For a company or other organisation, the official seal shall be affixed at the designated place of the application.

For an individual, the applicant shall use a pen to confirm the signature at the designated place.

3. Applicants who are citizens of Taiwan and want to apply forpriority of trademark registration need special application form.

4. The applicant's identity.

Applicant's Identity
Documents Required
Domestic Company or Other Organization
Copys of the valid document such as business licence, company certificate, social organisation certificate, law firm practicing certificate, medical institution practice permit.
Chinese Individual
Copys of the valid identity document such as the identity card, passport and proof of residence, and the copy of the individual business licence or the copy of the rural land contract.
Company or Other Organization in Hong Kong, Macao or Abroad
Copys of the registration certificate of the region or country. Rrepresentative office of a foreign company can not be used as identity document. Documents must be sumitted in Chinese language.
Foreign Individual
A photocopy of the passport.
Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan Citizen
Submit entry permit.

Trademark Logo

Each Trademark Registration applicant shall submit one copy of the trade mark. If you apply for a trademark registration by colour image, you should submit a colour and black and white versions of the image.

Trademark images must be clear, easy to paste, with longest side no more than 10cm and shortest side no less than 5 cm.

If trademark is in colour, it shall be declared in the application form and mentioned in the "Trademark Registration Application", indicating the use of the trade mark.

The application for a registered trademark with jingle shall be declared.

Where a priority is required, a written declaration should be submitted at the same time or within three months from the date of the application, including the original document and the complete Chinese translation.

The documents and evidence submitted by the applicant in a foreign language shall be translated into Chinese.

The materials declared and provided for an application to register trade marks shall be true, accurate and complete.


1. "Notice of Acceptance of Application for Registration" only indicates that the application for registration of a trade mark has been accepted by the Trademark Office and does not indicate that the application has been approved.

2. If the application for registration of a trademark is rejected, the applicant may appeal to Trademark Review and Adjudication Board within 15 days from the date of receipt of the notice of rejection.

3. If the registration of the trademark is objected, and the applicant is not satisfied with the registration decision of the Trademark Office, the applicant may apply to the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board for review within 15 days from the date of the reception of the notice.

4. The registered trademark is valid for 10 years and calculated from the date of approval of the registration. The applicant shall renew the trademark within 12 months before the expiry date. When the trademark registrant fails to do so during the period (it must be made within the extended period of 6 months after the expiry date), the registrant pays the fee. If the application is renewed after the expiration of the extension, the Trademark Office will cancel the registered trademark. If the registrant wishes to continue having the exclusive right to the trademark, the registration application shall be appied again.


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