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China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone

March 23,2018.

China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone

China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Invest in Shanghai

In 2015, Shanghai's GDP ranks first in China and second in Asia, second only to Japan's Tokyo. Shanghai is one of the world's leading Financial Centers, the world's largest metropolitan area and the largest metropolitan area. Shanghai is ranked as a world first-tier city by GaWC, one of the world's most authoritative world city research institutions.

With the highest cargo throughput and container throughput in the world, Shanghai Port is a good international port of Jianghai and has the first Free Trade Zone China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone in mainland China.

Before the liberation, Shanghai was the first Financial Center in the Far East. No matter the size of financial markets such as stocks, gold and foreign exchange, it ranked No.1 in Asia. Shanghai is the world's second-largest futures trading center, second only to Chicago; the world's largest gold spot trading center; the world's second-largest spot diamond trading center, the world's three major non-ferrous metals pricing center. However, all the capital markets were closed after the PPP in 1956. Bank of Communications in 1987 to resume operations.

Pudong New Area

As well as the re-establishment of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 1990 as a symbol, financial markets began to recover. The People's Bank of China set up its Shanghai vice headquarters in 2005. In 2009, Shanghai started RMB international settlement pilot.

China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Shanghai is China's Financial Center. Shanghai almost covers all the financial market elements in China: Shanghai Stock Exchange, Futures Exchange, China Financial Exchange, Shanghai Diamond Exchange, Gold Exchange, Financial Derivatives Exchange, Interbank Bonds Market, China Foreign Exchange Trading Center, China Funds Lending Market, National Gold Reserve Operation Center, National Foreign Exchange Reserve Operation Center, Shanghai Clearing House (People's Bank of China clearing center), People's Bank of China Shanghai headquarters (Central Credit Information System Center, Shanghai Data Center), four major Chinese banks (ABC, Bank of China, ICBC, CCB) Shanghai headquarters, Greater China headquarters of major foreign banks, China Anti-money Laundering Monitoring Center, Shanghai Interbank Offered Rate, China Insurance Exchange

Negative List of China Foreign Investment

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