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CEPA Foreign Invested Enterprise Registration


CEPA Foreign Invested Enterprise Registration

CEPA, short for the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement, is an economic agreement. On 29th June, 2003, the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement was signed by Mainland China and Hong Kong. A similar agreement, the Mainland and Macau Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement, was signed by Mainland China and Macao on 18th, October, 2003.

To strengthen trade and investment cooperation between Mainland China and Hong Kong and Macao, promote common development of economic and trade, CEPA is taking steps as following:

1.Reduce or abolish tariffs on trade in goods and non-tariff barrier between two sides.

2.Reduce or abolish all measures of discrimination to liberalize trade in services.

3.Facilitates trading investment to enhance the level of economic and trade cooperation between both sides.

With the implementation of CEPA, many enterprises from Hong Kong and Macao find more new business opportunities to Enter the Market of Mainland China. It has also attracted more foreign investment in Hong Kong and Macao.

Mainland China get new opportunities from the implementation of CEPA. Through trade and investment cooperation with Hong Kong and Macao, the mainland enterprises get more opportunities to enter the global market.

CEPA covers 4 areas:

1.Trade in goods

All goods (includes food, medicines, textile, electronic products, etc.) manufactured in Hong Kong importing into the Mainland enjoy tariff free treatment, which meeting the CEPA rules of origin (ROOs).

2.Trade in services

Hong Kong service suppliers enjoy preferential treatment in entering into the Mainland market in various service areas. The professional bodies of Hong Kong and the regulators on Mainland China signed a number of agreements on mutual qualification recognition.


From 1 Jan. 2018, CEPA will be expanded to cover non-services sectors. To Promote and protect investment in both places, new measures was introduced for facilitation trading investment.

4.Economic and Technical Cooperation

The Ecotech Agreement consolidates and updates the economic and technical cooperation activities set out in CEPA. Both sides agreed to enhance cooperation in 22 areas to support the development and cooperation, as well as to facilitate and promote trade and investment between the two places.

Conditions of CEPA Company Registration in China

1.Get the "certificates of service suppliers" issued by Hong Kong and Macau Governments.

2.Meet the industrial planning of the Chinese government.

3.Registered capital Coincide with the investment scale.

How to get the "Certificates of Service Suppliers" ?

1.Registered enterprises under Hong Kong or Macao laws

2.Engaged in substantive business operation in Hong Kong or Macao for more than 3 years.(Different industries have different operating period.)

3.Pay a profits tax.

4.To own or rent grounds/offices in line with business scope and scale for their substantive business operation.

5.Employ free Hong Kong or Macau residents, and these employees account for more than 50% of the total number of employees.

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