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BVI Company Formation


BVI Company Formation

BVI Company Formation Agent-SINOINCORP.COM

The British Virgin Islands is located in the Caribbean. The British Virgin Islands is a British Overseas Territory with a long history, political stability, and a high degree of autonomy. It also has well-developed communications facilities and a well-developed infrastructure for professional support services. In addition to the booming tourism industry, the British Virgin Islands is the world's most popular foreign Companies Registry.

What are the advantages of BVI Company Set Up?

1.No need to pay taxes and not subject to foreign exchange regulations.

2.No need to declare beneficiaries, no need to declare annual profit and financial status.

3.No need to submit annual statements or audited accounts

4.The privacy of shareholders and directors are protected.

5.Shares are free to trade.

6.Complete with trust, banking, accounting and fund management infrastructure.

BVI Company Formation Process:

1.Company name must end with one of the followings: LIMITED, CORPORATION, INCORPORATED or their abbreviation.

2.Standard Registered Capital: 50,000 shares, no capital verification required.

3.One or more directors: legal entities or natural persons of any nationality(Providing ID card or passport photocopy)

4.Secretary: Non-mandatory

5.Directors may meet in any country, or attend such meetings through an agent

6.Directors or company executives may not be corporate shareholders

7.Registered address must be in the British Virgin Islands(Providing proof of address)

8.Must have its own seal

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