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the tax type that state administration of taxation collects May 6,2019.

The State Administration of Taxation collects the following taxes

1. VAT

2. Consumption tax;

3. Fuel tax

4. Vehicle purchase tax

5. Export tax rebates for export products;

6. Imported product value-added tax and consumption tax;

7. Personal income tax on interest from savings deposits

8. Local and foreign banks and non-bank financial enterprise income tax;

9. Depreciation tax and consumption tax paid by individual industrial and commercial households and bazaars;

10. Late fees, tax reimbursement, and fines for central taxes and shared taxes.

11. Securities transaction tax (acquired at the stock exchange before levying)

Easy stamp duty);

12. The battalion that the railway, the head office of the bank, and the insurance company concentrate on Industry tax, income tax and urban maintenance and construction tax

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