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Australia Company Formation


Australia Company Formation

Australia is a highly developed capitalist country with the capital of Canberra. As the most economically developed country in the southern hemisphere, the world’s 12th largest economy, and the fourth largest exporter of agricultural products in the world, it is also the world’s largest exporter of various minerals.

Australia has a mild climate, a relaxed lifestyle, high quality living conditions and a perfect business environment. This has attracted more and more multinational corporations to set up their regional headquarters in Australia.

The advantages of Setting Up New Company in Australia:

1.No need to register funds

2.Simple registration, short time, high efficiency

3.Tax authorities can provide free on-site consulting services. The Bureau of Trade provides a full range of free information.

4.High-tech enterprises are more likely to obtain funds from overseas capital markets, turning Chinese technology into overseas technology, thus paving the way for overseas capital to enter the technology.

5.Tax relief for most of the costs of setting up an office in Australia include salary, advertising fees, office rent, airline tickets, etc, can be obtained from income.

6.Australian companies that investing and operating in China will enjoy various preferential policies of the Chinese government. For example, a large part of the expenses of the company’s offices in China (including wages, advertising fees, office rents, air tickets, etc.) can be reduced.

The process of Setting Up a Company in Australia:

Materials required of Australia Company Registration

1.Three English Company Names end with PTY LTD, PTY LIMITED or PTY. LTD.

2.Shareholder’s name, the scan of ID or passport.

3.Registration completed within 25 working days, including registering company, applying for ABN and TFN(Optional application)

4.Registered at legal capital of A$1000

What documents can be obtained after Registration

1.Australia company registration certificate, tax number (TFN) file

2.Australia company organization outline

3.Meeting Record of Australia Directors, Shareholders

4.Australia company signature seal and metal stamp

5.Australia company registration document for shareholder and director

What are the regulations for the Registration of Australian Import and Export Companies?

Australia business institutions are divided into four forms according to Australian law:

Individual and Sole Trader, Partnerships, Trust, Company

What is Australia tax policy?

Income tax: The income tax rate of Australian companies is 34%.

Staff salary adjustment rate:

6000AUD: 0%     6000-20000AUD: 17%     20000-50000AUD: 30%

50000-60000AUD: 42%     60000AUD and above: 47%


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