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  • Accounting & bookkeeping for WFOE in China
    Accounting & bookkeeping for WFOE in China
    on September 20,2018.

    Book Keeping & Accounting for WFOE in China SINOINCORP offers you the possibility of outsourcing your entire Book Keeping & Accountancy for WFOE in China. We will help your company to understand the complex system of the China Tax legislation...

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  • Representative Office & Taxation
    Representative Office & Taxation
    on March 26,2018.

    Representative Office & Taxation A Representative Office (RO) in China is an office established by a foreign company Doing Business in China to conduct marketing and other non-transactional operations, not for profit seeking activities . It is a ...

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  • Export Tax Refund Registration Service
    Export Tax Refund Registration Service
    on March 26,2018.

    China Export Tax Refund Services China Export Tax Refund (also refer to Export Export Rebate or Export Tax Exemption in China) is the refund of export products, domestic production and circulation in the actual payment of the value added tax and spec...

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  • China Tax Payers
    China Tax Payers
    on August 28,2018.

    China Taxpayers Two Types VAT Taxpayers in China - General Taxpayers and Small-scale Taxpayers In China, Small-scale Taxpayer’s tax filings are on quarterly basis, subject to a lower uniform VAT rate of three percent, not like General Taxpayer on cur...

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  • Individual Income Tax
    Individual Income Tax
    on March 26,2018.

    Individual Income Tax in China Usually, salaries obtained by an employee during the working period in China are deemed to be Taxable Income by China Local Tax bureau, no matter paid by domestic or foreign enterprises or individual employers, are clas...

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